estimation ltd is primarily involved on larger commercial and industrial construction projects. We also provide additional services such as Facilities Management & Project Management. Our capabilities extend from the more traditional roles of Quantity Surveying such as measurement, cost planning, pricing and post contract administration; through to project management, auditing, programming consultancy, facility management, litigation support, expert witness consultancy and dispute resolution.


estimation ltd is able to provide accurate budgets based on our experience on previous projects and detailed knowledge of current costs within the construction industry. Preliminary budgets through to detailed estimates are able to be produced accurately and economically to enable knowledgeable decisions to be made on project viability.


estimation ltd have extensive experience in measuring and pricing on a range of commercial, industrial and community projects. We are efficient and cost effective Quantity Surveyors able to produce reliable and accurate Schedules of Quantities in limited timeframes. We are one of the few firms that have the skill and experience of measuring and pricing building services in the required detail for Contractors to submit as their Tender bid.


estimation ltd have been involved in the construction of many large projects.  We are able to produce accurate financial reporting and cash flow forecasting to enable our clients to track the project status. We also manage the monthly contract payment process together with the management of any variation claims. Our roles in Post Contract work have resulted in favorable cost outcomes for our clients, within reasonable timeframes.


estimation ltd have experience in providing clients with project management services on commercial, institutional and retail projects. Projects need to be controlled to meet their objectives and deliver benefits. Objectives are defined in terms of expectations of time, cost and quality. Our involvement maintains focus on the relative priorites of time, cost and quality, with our financial and program reporting allowing tight control of project parameters.


All of the work that has to be done to achieve the time, cost and quality objectives defines the project scope. If projected costs for the scope of work rise above the project budget, estimation ltd will work with our Client and the design team to identify areas of potential cost savings. We will always work to ensure that any compromise on the architectural integrity of the project is minimised through this process.


estimation ltd can provide advice to clients on the status of their project and construction programming. Accurate programming is vital in all areas of the project process, and failure to program the project or to monitor the status can be costly. Our project audits include the prepartion of detailed status reports to advise our clients on the situation of the project with respect to time, cost and quality.


estimation ltd prepare Asset Management Plans to manage assets over their life cycle. This will include an asset register and a report for the operating, maintaining, refurbishing and replacing of assets to sustain the standard of service. estimation ltd can use the infomation contained in the Asset Register to compile a planned preventative maintenance schedule which can be cash flowed and resource levelled.